LMCTF - Just Pure Class

So you didn't believe me about how good LMCTF is? Well, I took some screenshots of some of the levels, and I have em all here for your perusal.
The Game Itself

I'm not going to do a review or anything, so no smartarsed comments about my layout (or lack of), it's not as if I'm getting paid for this, but I'll run through some of the features of LMCTF just so you can see how much better it is than the standard version.

Team Communication

Ok, you get all the standard CTF stuff for sending messages, but you also get a few more. But thats not the cool thing, this is the cool thing. Team-radio and local radio broadcasts.

Team-radio sounds are audible messages that broadcast to all teammates. You can also send 'local' messages, that are audible to players nearby. And your not stuck with the supplied messages, your clan can record their own, send them to all your members, and you could shout at a teammate in your own voice whatever the hell you want.

There's a host of other lovely stuff, like match mode, the abilty to become a referee, the addon model paks (in particular the wh40k marine terminator).

The Levels 

A quick look at some of them, there are 20 (twenty) massive levels in LMCTF.

One of the original levels this, and the outdoor arena between the 2 base entrances is just a railgunners joy. However, it's bloody hard to see anything when you grapple all the way to the top.

Look, I can see your house from here

Another one of the levels from v3. Based around a small suburb of Dundalk, fondly referred to as 'Bum Alley'. Nice touches on this level include street names, warning signs (Caution - Campers at Work) and the cool garage with the automatic door where the Quad is.

Tis the mean streets, which muthafogga parked his Sierra there?
LMCTF pokes fun at the BFG. At least they're not on about 'BFG pussies'.
I'd like to start a campaign to ban all the silly fuckers who come out with this on CTF servers.
Forsooth, where be maid Marion? Or that fat friar fucker?
Poolbeg in the year 2200. The waters lovely, have a swim.
This is more like a standard CTF level, but excellent none the less.
Nice defensive positions all around here.
My favorite (I think). Dark and moody, its wild difficult to pick people out hidden on the cliffs with their railguns at the ready (i.e. me). Everyone is running around using Hyperblasters as rather natty torches. Excellent. Real Norwegien Fjordish.
The Gap of Dunloe in February.

I have to say, it's hard to believe that this is free. The amount of time and effort that went into this mod boggles the mind. I hope the developers all go on to get extremely rich and famous. Compare what you get here with any of the Q2 mission packs.

Now, off you go and download it, and hassle Shank & Cave to get a LMCTF server up and running.