HIV Files
HIV v EA - UKCCL Season 7, 15/11/99

Q2DM1 - File Size: 1014kb, JaneyMackers POV

A very important match this for us, we really needed a win, some very nice teamwork and comms in this one, although we nearly let it slip at one point.

HIV v PB - UKCCL Season 3, 21/07/98

Q2DM4 - File Size: 731kb, ButcherOfNogs POV

Our first ever UKCCL match, on good old dm4, where i don't think we've ever lost a league match on. Tactics were *ahem* rough, to say the least, and I still remember forgetting that there was a quad on dm4, and I was very surprised when a quaded PB'er fragged me :)

HIV v SPKs - UKCCL Season 3, 04/08/98

Q2DM6 - File Size: 868kb, NrG's POV

A win over Spooks, in a lag filled DM6. NrG does some nice command work, "get the quad lads" he orders, then promptly throws himself into the lava. CastorTroy lags out and NrG stands guard over him, my, it would bring a tear to your eye so it would.

HIV v UNR - Friendly, 20/8/99
Q2DM1 - File Size: 966kb, Spectator & in-game POV

UNR didn't have Tasan or Luke, but it was still UNR. Starts as a spectator demo with some of the worse camera work ever seen on film, good old ben, then I drop out of the game to give ben a go, and the rest of the demo is in game from his POV. Rain was on trial for UNR in this one, I presume he got in :)

HIV v PHX - UKCCL LPB Cup Season 6, 23/08/99
Q2DM3 - File Size: 616kb, Spectator POV (partial demo)

PHX had 3 HPB's, we had 4 LPB's, so you can imagine the sort of odds on a PHX win :)

HIV v SPKs - Friendly, 01/07/99
Q2DM3 - File Size: 977kb, ButcherOfNogs POV

A good training match, SPKs had an extra LPB as an advantage, but this wasn't on dm1, so ....

HIV v NME - UKCCL HPB Cup Season 5 - Semi Final, 20/04/99

Q2DM8 - File Size: 990kb, Spectator POV

Q2DM2 - File Size: 850kb, Spectator POV

The semi final of the HPB Cup was the best of 3 levels, NME won the first two but we did give them damn good games in both. NME went on to win the final with ease.

HIV v PK - UKCCL HPB Cup Season 5, 12/04/99
Q2DM2 - File Size: 858kb, ButcherOfNogs POV

A pretty mad cap HPB encounter, PK tried to field a Euro ISDN player in this, but we we not having any of it, and they had to play most of the game a man down, god love them. You can see a certain amount of lag on this one which evened things out.

HIV v DS - Friendly, 07/01/99

Q2DM5 - File Size: 742kb, Arganoids POV

Nice demo this with some good railgun action from Arganoid