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The problem with this links business is that some people have no consideration for others and tend to move sites about and sometimes even close them. So if anythings broken, don't come running to me, ok?
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Charlie Brooker's SuperKaylo

As proud members of The Unseen Forces of SuperKaylo, we have carried forth the fight against cunts, and shall not rest until all have been exposed.
Irish Quake Clans
Ohh I know that there are loads more than I've listed below, but to be honest, I just can't be arsed at the moment, give us a mail if you feel you should be included.
Clan DooZeR   
As the only corporate based Quake 2 clan, DooZeR put an end to the myth that hairdressers can't play Quake. Composed of members of Peter Marks Hair Salons, DooZeR are a terrifying sight with their curlers ,scissors, hairdryers and quad  hairsprays. They have been know on occasion to corner a lone opponent, and pin them into a corner, all the while chopping, and talking about Club M, their boyfriends, and the current scandal in D4. Play them only if you have no fear of blond highlights. 
Cold blooded Assassins *shiver*. I'll think of something witty to say here soon.
Insert poorly designed logo here
A popular clan for people who's mothers come from Dundalk. Being at a such a huge social disadvantage, this has equipped them with all the necessary anti-social skills needed to excel at Quake. Also well known for their "humorous" renditions of popular songs, and their incredibly poor graphic design skills.
The SCREAM    
With the abundance of out of work mid 70's rockers roaming the country, it was only a matter of time before they came together to form a "Super Group". Led by McGin, the lead singer of the well known combo "Fitzsimon Airbus", they are ably backed up by Hobbes, Sheron, Nutter, Tincool and Venom, all on lead guitars, and Dr Ionic, on the life support machine.
Ahh Incarnate, the stuff of myth, rumored to consist entirely of the illegitimate sons and daughters of the milkmen of Limerick. They are like all Limerick people, people of low moral standards. It is with great relief that we note that there are no knives in Quake2, giving us at least a fighting chance. 
Guns Islanders   
Composed mostly of people from Cavan, they are all prone to searching the pockets of dead players for their wallets, and packets of warm moist Jelly Babies. Like all Cavan people they can be identified by their foul body odors and lack of personal hygiene. Players are advised to remain down-wind and to use long range weapons if at all possible.