Clan Members
Active On Trial In-Active Ex-Members
Butcher Of Nog Jibba HotVomit
Ic0n (Formerly Akira) Rev Hellfire Holey Mary
Janey Mackers (aka Ruffneck) Slosh FaceDancer
Castor Troy Boba Fett Portent
Kegser El Barto Frammel Pie
Elastic NrG FlavorFlav
ThundaHart Cartman Thor
Reaper Arganoid Florence
Maverick Talos
Lord Spanky
Dominion (CTF only)

Member Profiles

Name: Butcher Of Nog Profile: 
Once described as the cutest thing alive with a shotgun, the Butcher Of Nog's inability to rid herself of a strange cross-haired pest (seen left) has always stopped her from achieving her true potential as a world renowned hair stylist.    

A cool hand with a railgun, and a penchant for hand grenades, gives her a distinctive deathmatch style, which is now being copied across the globe.   

Her favorite color is blue, and her lucky number is seven.   

She dislikes all cunts, including Sean McEltroy.  

Contact:ICQ #12966447Butcher Of Nog

Name: Rev Hellfire Profile: 
Despite having only one and a half leg's, and her only foot being larger than her head, the Rev Hellfire is a daring and deadly deathmatch opponent. Many a quake player has trembled at the approaching sound of her distinctive hopping gait.   

Her favorite woodland creature is the rabbit, which in her own words, makes a rather lovely screaming noise when disemboweled with a soup spoon.   

Her favorite color is opaque and she can't count.   

She dislikes all cunts, especially Sean McEltroy. 

Contact:ICQ #12906613Rev Hellfire

Name: Holey Mary, Mother of Socks Profile:
An ex-member of clan God, whom she left after a "change you name" row with Holy Spirit, Holy Mary Mother of God made a slight alteration to her own name, to ridicule the deity type posturing that her old clan was engaging in. Since this, she has made many apparitions on quake servers, in familiar HIV livery.   

Despite this, she retains a strong belief in Christianity, and this stems from her belief that God is, in her own words, "one badass motherfucker, as he didst commandeth Moses to slay everyone who was male in a town called Midian cause some guy pissed on a wall there". Indeed.    

Her favorite colors are shit brown and tote red, and she tries to incite war whenever possible.   

An incredibly forgiving person, she forgives all cunts, but not Sean McEltroy.    

Name: NrG Profile: 
With a steely eye stare and a flash of orange panties, NrG entered the Irish quake scene and quickly displayed her remarkable gibbing ability to anyone who stood around too long to watch. In an inspired (i.e. drunken) recruitment move by the Butcher of Nog, she joined the ever-expanding HIV clan. Her Daz blue white blouses and short skirts, are causing enemy players to stop and stare mid-game, and this has resulted in some remarkable performances from our newest member.   

Her favorite color is orange, and she longs for world peace, and free beer.   
She has absolutely nothing against anyone, and displays a caring and kind face to all persons whom cross her path in life. However, she does have a grudge against one creep, but can't remember his name. All she remembers is that it began with the letter S.    

Contact:ICQ #13169976NrG 

Name: Janey Mackers Profile: 
Sr. Janey Mack has come to us from the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Miseries. A strict virgin (like us all), she decided that staying in a convent all day, saying prayers and doing penance to cure sinners just wasn't getting the job done. Shotguns just seemed to catch a sinner's imagination, and bring out their repentant side.    

This change in direction in her life has opened up many possibilities for the once cloistered nun. She now stars with Angela Landsbury in the Saturday afternoon TV show, Action Nuns - Nuns with Guns, and has also made a guest appearance on Gladiators.   

She enjoys hill walking, torturing heathens, and her favorite color is habit black.   


Name: Frammel Pie Profile: 
Still from 'Funk Master and Ninja Jones 2 : Bell bottoms of death' 
Introducing Frammel Pie, well known super star and fashion guru. Since the early '60s Frammel has been a by word for style and elegance. Hero of such well known 70's television classics as " Chuck Mc Guire and the L.A. Boys ", " Disco Cop ", and " Jive '73 ", but best known for the " Funk Master and Ninja Jones " series of movies which launched Frammel unto an unsuspecting world audience.   

Frammel has recently entered the Easy listening music market, with the chart topping debut LP ‘Frammel Pie : By the love of a good woman’, which is currently number one in the charts in Turkey, Korea, and New Zealand. Available at most good garages and by mail order, in CD, MC and LP formats.   

Frammel Pie does of course hate Sean McEltroy, the bastard.   


Name:Thor Profile: 
So why is a god playing Quake 2 ?   

Well it all started when Thor was hunting one day, killed a beautiful demon and decided that he would cook it for dinner. This is where the trouble started, after cooking the meat he ate it, but about an hour later discovered why nobody eats demons.   

His stomach filled with wind, and not knowing what to do he ran to his father Odin to ask him for advice. Odin was shocked and called in all of the other Gods. When they were all inside it happened, Thor let the biggest fart know to all Gods and Humans. But this was no ordinary fart, this had the power of a demon and the stench was gut churning even for Gods. After all of the Gods had fled, Odin told Thor that this would afflict him for a millennium.   

So Thor was banished to Earth to prevent the deaths of the Gods. And so it was that at arms length, HIV welcomed him into our clan.   

Name: Boba Fett Profile: 
Boba Fett was the galaxies most infamous bounty hunter until 1983, when a rare affliction known as Script Writers block (couldnt be arsed making more films disease) struck down George Lucas. Boba Fett went his own way and did a stint posing for various cereal packet boxes and CD inlay covers.   

Yearning for his past glories as a bounty hunter, he happened across Quake 2 and was immediately attracted to it's blend of large floor thumping explosions, splattering guts and interesting death noises. It brought him back to all those nights spent with Darth Vader out in Leitrim hunting locals and   
village idiots in the late 1970's.   

He joined clan HIV after being offered £300,000 by the supermarket magnate Benito Dunne the third, for reasons he refuses to disscuss.

Name:Castor Troy Profile: 
Twisted, sick yes, mis-understood, maybe, but ohh so talented when it comes to those smiles.   
Who else can it be but ....... Castor Troy - Renegade dentist.    

On the run from the law for crimes against dentistry, which he didn't commit, he must say one step ahead of the law, all the while attempting to prove his innocence and save teeth from certain peril. Which is of course a bit of a problem when your as guilty as sin. Yes he did remove those healthy teeth from young billy braggan, in order to keep them safe from decay in his little plaque away jar. Yes your guilty when you  insert those permanent false teeth in back to front, no using nails isn't on. And yes your especially guilty if use razor blades to shave peoples teeth to make them nice a clean, but then again there Ohh so smooth.   
But since he hates cunts, and is willing to do a bit of dentistry of our choosing to that cunt Mc Eltroy, we say your in. Just quit lookin at me teeth that way.

Name:El Barto Profile: 
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Name:Jibba Profile: 
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Name:FlavorFlav Profile:
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Name:Slosh Profile:
A maelstrom of fury and resentment, for it is Slosh, Nemesis of janitors, destroyer of toilets. As early as first year in school he can remember their taunts, 'Don't go into the toilets Sloshs been in there', 'Mr. Dribbly pants been in here', they toyed with him. Even the janitors , those defenders of rest room, bringers of toilet rolls, even they belittled him, 'Jesus, who's been sloshing in here'. Well they'll all pay, soon no toilet will be safe. 
Having already turned most of the public rest rooms in the country, to a series gut turning, stench infested holes (with the notable exception of Cork City which was as everyone knows already one). Slosh now has turned his focus to the virtual toilets of quake, soon those sewers will be darker, danker, and altogether a more dangerous place. 
Due to his unique skills, we have accepted him into our loving fold ( he's sharing a room with Thor ), on the understanding that he does a Slosh job in the property of one S. Mc Eltroy, the bastard. 
Name:Kegser Profile:
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Name:Arganoid Profile:
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Name:Portent Profile:
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Name:Florence Profile:
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Name:Cartman Profile:
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Name:ThundaHart Profile:
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Name:Talos Profile:
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Name:Akira Profile:
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