Archived News  31/5/98 - 11/3/98

31/5/1998 - Clan Match Result - (Butcher Of Nog)
Updated the results page with the Anarchy Angels match report.

30/5/1998 - It's 2am, what am I doing here? - (Butcher Of Nog)
Just updated the members page with Boba Fetts profile, courtesy of Boba himself.

29/5/1998 - Just after my Grammer Lessons - (Butcher Of Nog)
Fixed some of Rev Hellfires many spelling and grammer mistakes, a few links he broke and ftp'ed up some images he over wrote. Always busy after he updates. Also updated the last updated date on home page, as he never remembers. Dear oh dear, and as for all that slagging with Zero, he does try ones patience :)

Just a note on the last item (24/5), I'll still be running the DM side of things, so we'll keep getting beat there.

Looking forward to our match against the Anarchy Angels on Sunday, you can find their site at  Anarchy Angels Clan . This will be the first of many US matches I hope.

Lost my Q2OOT first round match to Leverz, 21-16. I completely fucked up my own level, 8-2, lost his level 10-7 and managed to take the bad look off the score by winning the final level 7-3. I'm a dead man in QuakeLords.

And the good Reverend just overwrote the entire News page, so this is my second attempt to put it up. He also updated the Members Page, with a rather grooovy members profile for Frammel Pie, Disco King. That screen shot took ages to setup :). I'll pop in now and fix all the mistakes.

24/5/1998 - Far to early for my own good.
Hoping to reorganize the HIV web site soon. With a greater role being give to CTF, and hopefully a few clan CTF match's organized. The plan here is to organize the clan into two groups, with me in one group , informally to be know as ' HIV - The priests of pestilence' and with NrG leading the other. Since there is a good chance that if NrG is reading this, its the first time he's heard about it, its totally up to him if he wishes to accept. Either way both groups will operate as separate entities, under the HIV banner. The hope being that this way everyone is guaranteed to get a proper clan game. In order to prepare the ground for this here are a few Aliases which can be used in Quake CTF and Deathmatch. They can be found on the following page. The Page with aliases and stuff on it.

23/5/1998 - After watching 'Knitting with Susan' on RTE 1

Thor played his Q2OOL match against sHEROn of Scream, with a final score of Thor 30 to sHEROn's 10. Here's a comment on the match by the great man himself.

The latest person who wishes to escape the long arm the Law is the infamous 'Frammel Pie', that well known 70's TV star of such television classics as " Chuck Mc Guire and the L.A. Boys ", " Disco Cop ", and " Jive force '73 ". And who can forget the classic 'Funk Master and Ninja Jones 4: Maximum force on the dance floor' in which he starred with the late Apollo 'Kung Fu' Brown III.
HIV have taken him under their wing until the miss-guided witnesses, involved in this case can be, ahem, re-educated.
Any persons with information on the where-abouts of one Alice SpringThorn ( 25, white female, Blond hair, southern accent, 5'8" ) or Debbie Miers ( 22, black female, NY accent ) should contact us as soon as possible, err, their library books are over due.

Here it is the first in an exciting range of badge's to keep the little ones ( and that includes wives ) occupied while you play quake for most of the night and neglect them.

Please follow the instructions. Use of sharp scissors should be done under the supervision of an adult. Keep scissors and other sharp instruments out of the reach of children and Jedi members.

1. Print page.
2. Stick the printout onto the back of a old cereal box.
3. Cut around the line.
4. Using sticky tape attach a safety pin to the back of your new badge.

20/5/1998 - Numerous late News Items
( Please note : this block is the work of the Butcher of Nog, I accept no responsiblity for the lack of spelling mistakes in it. )

Bobba Fett joined HIV on the 17/5.

I replaced my male grunt skin with the rather tasty klingon skin, as I was fed up looking at that naff grunt one. Everyone's a klingon baby.

Defeat by DzR on the 16/5. A bit late reporting this, but I've been busy! See the Results section for a match report.

N.r.G, resident HIV flash harry, was surprisingly beaten in the first round of the Q2OOT, by someone with a name beginning with E. He must have been on it, thats what I say, but as yet, we've no proof.

HIV had a one level friendly with clan SCREAM on the 17/5 on war1. The server was badly lagged, but it didn't stop us having a good laugh on base1. It started off as a 6v6, and ended up as a 7v5.


17/5/1998 - Q2OOL
Well I just played a great game against Poohmeister from the GI. Who says Itinerents cann't play !
The final score was Pooh 21 to my (Rev Hellfire) 16. Heres the demos of the match from my view.
Q2OO7 - Q2OO8 - Q2OO1

11/5/1998 - Who cares
Just fartting around with skins this evening. I'll try to do a proper skin, when I can get a decent image of the great man to work from. For now you can do what you like with this pile of shite.

The following is the line up for the HIV players in Q2OOT.

10/5/1998 - Just after watching the Sunday Eastenders.
Added the site to a few quake rings, as you should have noticed if you were paying attendsion on the main page.

6/5/1998 - Just after Tea with Lady Cottington.
Added more demos to the Apoc game.

4/5/1998 - NrG's Demo of APOC match added
Exactly what it says. I've linked it into the match report in the results section. This is one of the best demos I've seen.

3/5/1998 - New clan member
HIV's newest recruit has arrived, Thor god of thunder. Blessed with super human powers when it comes to flatulence, evils minions cower at fierce storms and deafening thunder that Thor issues forth. Unfortunately he was stinking up the place in the heavens and so has being given the boot by Odin. And so it was that at arms length HIV welcomed him into the fold.

3/5/1998 - First HIV Match Victory, HIV 258 : 103 APOC
We were so hot, NrG nearly burnt herself. Match report and demos will be posted tomorrow. Here's the scores from the first and third levels.Didn't get the screenshot from the second level, we won it 79 to 38.

2/5/1998 - Our first millennium compliant news item
Here's the skins HIV use for Clan Matches.This is for all you APOC guys.

26/4/98 - About time too
Added a profile for Janey Mack to the member's page.

25/4/98 - Just after Breakkie
Received a challenge from QID, no date fixed that I know of yet, but will probably be Sunday evening. Visit their siteand give them fitting abuse.

Added links to the link section.
Move the zip of a handy little skin editorto the site.

24/4/98 - Some after the last update
Added NRGs skin to the site.

24/4/98 - After the tele-ton
Had my good old mate the Pope around for a game of quake yesterday,so we gave Ian Paisley a quick ring to see if he wanted a match. They had a quick deathmatch, in which the pope narrowly managed to beat Ian in abest of three. Final scores  Paisley 12-Pope 14, Paisley 10 - Pope8, Paisley 8 - Pope 12.

Ian storms off, Come back for that hug you beast of aman.

16/4/98 - After dinner
I'd like to take this moment to introduce you all to our newest recruit,the one and only sr. Janey Mackers. As a nun from the order of the Sisters of Divine Miseries, she has decided to bring her orders brand of gentle persuasion to Quake2, in order to educate the quake2 masses. Asthe good sister says herself "Their a cheeky shower of pup's them quake players, but a smack with a rock on the back of head will soon teach them manners'. To right we say.

This is the current skin/model that I'm using FaerieModel

13/4/98 - No-Surrender Skin pack release.
Today saw the first of the No-Surrender skins released. I hopeto post a No-Surrender skin collection soon, once i get the hang of this skin business.

The Orange team get ready

12/4/98 - HIV vs DzR
Well we had a rematch with DzR, with a final score of HIV 102 to DzR's117, at better performance at least this time.

??????? - To late at night to care
Heres the skin we're using for now, until we get the clan skin sorted..Da Skin

9/4/98 - Exciting Quake add-on
Having read on stomped about the release of the eagerly awaited No-Surrender(tm)quake add-on, we download the patch today and had a quick game. This exciting add-on is a variation on the popular CTF. The object is for one team to march through the opposing teams base, with the other team attempting to prevent that. An excellent conversion, which I hope to see on the servers soon.

A exciting 'No-Surrender(tm)' game in full flight!

9/4/98 - After nationwide
Two new members for HIV have joined this week, the ever pleasant WarmPuke and N-R-G. Both new members meet the ever dropping moral standards required of HIV members, with Warm-Puke being involved in a incestuous love triangle involving his grand-mother, her pet poodle and himself. N-R-Gan ex-head of large multi-national has recently moved back to Ireland following his possible involvement in death squads ( or child care workers has he terms them ), and the disappearance of street orphans.

4/4/98 - After the Dukes of Hazard.
Well, HIV got a severe trashing from DzR last night in a quick Match on war1, with Spoonman as a one man killing pimp master, and the ever capable Cave as his main honey also representing DzR.
Michael Flatley, has joined HIV ! Last night Michael was quickly questioned on this move, with a question something like 'Hey Michael why the move to quake?'. As the great Lord of the Dance himself said ' Having conquered the world of Dance, I feel I need a new challenge, I'm hoping that Quakecan offer this  to me.' no doubt Michael's great dancing skills will prove invaluable with Quake.
Michael Flatley avoids Spoonman's Rocket.
Michael narrowly avoids Spoonmans missile.

31/3/98 - Whatever
Finally got my thumb out of my arse and managed to update the Results section.

25/3/98 - Just after Sons & Daughters
Site counter reset horror. Bastards.

Hexenworld released on Monday, but I didn't get my ass in gear until this morning to down load it.
Seems pretty good from first impressions, with a great speed improvementover the net play. As this is a beta I can only hope it will be optimised further.

23/3/98 - JEDI in Transvestite cover-up !
Shocking image obtained from HIV - JEDI match demo! Here we can see the dead body of a JEDI who will remain nameless. This young pervert was found by the noble Rev Hellfire performing unspeakable actions of self love while looking down an entry pipe ( or else they were camping, but as everyone knows the Jedi don't do that. We at HIV however are proud to admit to camping, no action is to low for us ). Being the scum that heis Rev Hellfire still attacked, the fiend. I say players par-taking ofa swift one of the wrist are not to be shot at, at least until they get their pants back up.

Young Jedi caught short

23/3/98 - HIV - JEDI
Match result JEDI 65 - 34 HIV.
JEDI played a blinder, well done lad's a well deserved win. It could have been a lot worse but for my contacts in Tellycom Eireann, the money'son the way..
Still awaiting the match review and demo from Mr. Nog, which will posted when available.

21/3/98 - Just after Baywatch, god save me.
Here a pictures I took yesterday on the Quake2 Free For All, just taken moments before I (RevHellfire) was killed by a deluge of socks by the immaculate mother herself, Holey Mary, Mother of Socks.

Mary in action yesterday.

21/3/98 - 11:09
A New member for HIV, put your hands together for the one and onlyHoley Mary Mother of Socks the most deadly player in QuakeSwing ball.
Haven't updated the members page yet, but I'll do that later to-day.
Update to Links page.
Started work on the Hall of Wankers due to inspiration from the great DopeyJoe who will be the first member.
Keep those infections spreading, we'll wipe the species known as Kerryman from the face of the planet yet.

19/3/98 - 11:24am
Links page update.

18/3/98 - Sometime after tea, and cookies with Lady Cottington.
Received a clan membership questionnaire from JohnnyMoronic this morning. Looks like this lunatic has a good chance of best questionnaire of the month.

18/3/98 - 17:00
HIV's first clan match against that well know group of transvestites known collectively as the JEDI, on Sunday, 22nd, at 20:00hrs. Both Obi-Wanin his best floral dress and RookieWan will represent the good JEDI, withthe young The Butcher Of Nog and Rev Hellfire as their panty stealing nemesis's.I can only suggest you send the JEDIfitting insults to prepare them for their challenge, please try to usethe word Knickers at least once.
As this is our first match, we should get our arses kicked, but you never know, we might get lucky, But remember, An infection given is an infection shared.
A match report will be published in the Results section Sunday night.

17/3/98 - Sometime after nationwide.
Added buttony bits to the page, added challenge page, and updated the Join page.

13/3/98 - 14:00
Loads of new stuff added, have a look for yourselves. We are now a member of the Irish Quake Ring.

11/3/98 - 21:11
The Hot Internet Virgins [HIV] site opens it's jaundiced pages to the unsuspecting public.