Archived News 30/10/98 - 15/06/99

15/06/99 - Will Conor remember us when hes famous?
Our very own hunk of the 70's gets interviewed by clan VAMP, the UK's only female clan. Check it out (bring a sickbag) here :)

[HIV]CastorTroy Interview

13/06/99 - CBA Friendly
We played Clan CBA tonight in a friendly, we won on our server easy enough and had a very close game on their server, but won it by the closest of margins. 

I've updated the Links page and the Friendly results section. 

11/06/99 - Another aptly named member
Yes, step up to the mike [HIV]FaceDancer. And no we aren't making this up. 
09/06/99 - WTF is going on?
We've lost 3 games in a row? Arse, defeat to DzR & PB. Not a good week for us.  

We've a few new members joining us, [HIV]ThundaHart being the first, more news here as it comes in. Why not stay up all night and watch? 

01/06/99 - Should have stayed in Canada :)
DF beat us last nite in the IQ2CL, so we've basically handed the title to DzR. DF played well, we played errm not as well shall we say. Results updated. 
31/05/99 - Back from sunny Canada
Bugger, its 10c here ffs. I left 28c to come back and update so no complaints. 

We won our second UKCCL match and we also beat EED in the IQ2CL. Umm thats about it, I've been away like. I'll update the results section sometime soon. 

The Phantom Menace, seen it in Toronto at the weekend, great visuals, shame about the dialouge, as it stinks. Have to say I was disappointed. 

11/05/99 - More results, UKCCL win :)
Yeah :) UKF went down tonite in pure out and out revenge for them putting us out of Div2 last season. Having said that they could only get 3 players out for the game so they had little chance and were good sports. Final score was 68-16. 

We also defeated TUK on Sunday night to take outright leadership of the IQ2CL. At the moment we are the best tin Ireland, god love us. DzR have been left in the wake of our steamroller run of victories. It has nothing at all to do with us having played a game extra and all rumors of this fabled "game in hand" are just jealous whispers and whispered lies. 

Results sections will be updated soon. 

02/05/99 - IQ2CL matches etc.
Two matches so far in IQ2CL and two wins, we pulled GI apart this evening and beat them into a pulp with the soggy bits. I've updated the Irish league section.  

NME won the HPB cup so it was nice to know only the eventual winners managed to beat us. Same thng happened last season come to think of it. 

20/04/99 - UK HPB Cup Semi Final Defeat :(
Ack, well NME are ranked number 2 in the UK and we gave them a good match. In both levels, more so on dm8, we pushed them all the way. Its been an excellent cup run and we hope NME go on and win it tomorrow. Getting to the last 4 out of the 64 clans that started the Cup ain't too bad like :) 

I'll try and get chasecam demos from this and the PK match and stick them up on the site in the next few days. 

19/04/99 - UK HPB Cup Quarter Final Victory...
Just, Jesus it was close, despite us controling the map for the middle portion of the game PB suddenly had a mad Quad run and wiped us all out! I ended up hiding for the last minute of the game as PB crawled ever closer.  

And tomorrow night we play NME in the semi-finals, *gulp*. NME are ranked number 2 in the UK. Its the best of 3 games so hopefully we can give a good account of ourselves. 

18/04/99 - SS Friendly
Had a great HPB match with SS this evening, ending in another win for HIV, 103-93. I've updated the friendly section. 
15/04/99 - New Member plus another Friendly
Cartman has joined us, once he became a free agent we snapped him up and he further strengthens the Irish side of the squad. 

Played EED on their own server last night, a win on dm3 and a billox inflicted rail nightmare on dm1. Updated the Friendly section again. Someday we will win on dm1, I know it, I can feel it :) 

We drew PB in the Quater Finals on the UK HPB Cup. Hope its as good a match as the last one. 

12/04/99 - Victory in UK HPB Cup !
My fucking God what a match ! The screenshot says it all really. We're now into the quater finals. 

We also defeated EED on Sunday nite in a friendly, the friendly results have been updated. Two Division 1 clans in two days, not bad going at all :)

05/04/99 - IQ2CL and UK HPB Cup
I've pulled the HIVB team out of the IQ2CL due to lack of players showing for matches. We've only manages to get 4 players out once in 4 scheduled matches. N3D have also pulled out, as have NIC & NICB. I think the admins are reorganizing  the schedule and ignoring all results against teams that have dropped. Probably the fairest thing to do. It was very disappointing that N3D didn't mail the admins and tell them they were pulling out, as another clan would have stepped in and played us last nite. 

We're into the 3rd round of the UK HPB Cup. We defeated MoT on q2dm8 without too much trouble. MoT did have one or two disconnections, while I had a few nasty freezes during the game. Other than that connections were very playable, most of my kills being with the Railgun. 

29/03/99 - Results Results & more Results
Lost to LsD in a very good game on q2dm1 in the IQ2CL, not sure of the final result, we lost by around 10 frags, [LsD]Junkie having an excellent match on his new ISDN. q2dm1 is probably our worst level but we're beginning to get there with it as LsD have a very stong line-up. Will update the results for this when I get the demos from Shank as my PC crashed just as the game ended. 

In the UK HPB Cup we got a default win so we're through to the second round. 

The first round of the UK LPB Cup, which we entered for a laugh, plus the fact we thought we would be fielding at least 2 LPB's, turned out to be a fun match. We had no LPB's for the game but we played rather well on q2dm4 and pushed Spooks all the way, only losing 78-71. 

21/03/99 - IQ2CL Starts again
We won our first match against TUK, and the HIVB team went down to NICB. The HIVB lads had never really played as a team before, but next week they're gonna stuff DzR. Updated the IQ2CL results. 
16/03/99 - NIC Friendly
First time in a while we actually won on dm1. It was a good close game, we won it 145-121. 
14/03/99 - N3D Friendly
Had a friendly on a booked barrysworld server tonite against clan N3D, the clan with the coolest website ever. We won on dm8 and it was close on dm1 when the barrysworld server admin shut the server down as our time was up. Check out N3D's clan site at 
03/03/99 - More matches
I got around to updating the Friendly section with 2 more results, both victories over DF. I've also noted that HIV will be one year old in a weeks time and are the oldest active Irish Q2 clan. Well, half Irish :) 
24/02/99 - Filth


22/02/99 - UKCCL Relegation
Tonite, we got beaten and relegated. We were disorganised and over confident. Numerous clan members lost the plot. We didn't have the commitment needed over the season to ensure we stayed a division 2 clan. I think I've taken the clan about as far as I can. 
20/02/99 - New Member
Welcome [HIV]Florence to the fold.
16/02/99 - Wanted : Rocks to crawl under
Disaster last night in the UKCCL, ABFAB tore us apart and gave us our worst ever defeat in 3 seasons in the UKCCL. 121-40 was the final score with {ABFAB}strudles doing a massive amount of damage. It all comes down now to our last game v UKF. If we win it we stay in Division 2, otherwise we go down.
11/02/99 - They don't make demos like these anymore
HIV Productions Announce 
See my inability to hit the side of a barn 
Witness the crappest Rail duel ever 
Gasp as Sheron crouches 
Cringe at the lack of tactics 
Be amazed at just how useless we were 
Spot the drunk HIV player 
All this and so much nostalgia you will almost weep 
HIV v SCREAM - IQ2CL 28/7/98 - 979kb
08/02/99 - So close to a famous victory :)
We gave NL a good game tonite in Div2 of the UKCCL. We went down 69-60 but our lads did a fine job considering the quality of the clan we were up against. I haven't got a demo or screenshot yet but when I do I'll update the Results section.
04/02/99 - WHOOOP ! Another UKCCL win
We're out of the relegation zone for the first time this season. A 62-37 win over CS. Check out the UK league results section. Big game next Monday against NL who are currently second in the division.
01/02/99 - UKCCL result & EM friendly
UKCCL results updated with DS result, a 59-46 win, our first of the season. 

We played EM over 2 levels on sunday nite and won 152 - 84. Good performances all round. 

31/01/99 - Starsiege Tribes
Well now this is class. Really does stuff you'd think couldn't be done. Imagine Quake but in a massive outdoor level with realistic scenery, rolling hills etc. etc. A number of different flyers you can pilot. Ahhh, its just wonderfull. Its has to be the most envolving  internet game to date. Check out Planet Tribes for more info.
26/01/99 - DzR friendly plus UKCCL match prosponed
Our match v CS was prosponed due to a barrysworld router dying. On a lighter note, we had a friendly with DzR on sunday nite. We were a tad sloppy in the first level, giving DzR an easy victory (112-12) but we made more of an effort in the second level. The demo of the second level can be got here. Very happy with the performance considering DzR had 2 LPB's and we had none. Our ISDN cometh :)
22/01/99 - EED friendly plus membership news
Membership for HIV is now closed. No more new members will be taken on until the end of the UKCCL season. HotVomit who only just joined us, has now left. We decided it wasn't working out as we didn't have the time to train up new members. We wish him luck. 

Our first bit of practice on q2dm8 went not exactly swimmingly v EED last nite. We lost both levels and got a good lesson in teamplay from the EED lads. The Lurker was excellent in both games, didn't seem to matter to him that he had a 250ms ping on our server, he still played excellent. Many practice sessions scheduled for the weekend to get up to speed on this one. Theres a demo of the match up on Q2 News. Don't bother watching it though, it'll ruin our "Hard Clan" image. 

20/01/99 - UKCCL woes and a vague recollection of a friendly win
Monday nite saw us suffer in the attack of the killer ISP's before we even got to the server. We lost. Very disappointing as we were very confident going into this one and with good cause. This means we MUST win our next match or we're really in the shit. 

I seem to remember (sort of) playing a friendly against DF on, what day? Sunday? and ermmm we won it 94ish to 22 or around that. Its all a bit hazzy for some reason. I think there may be a screenshot attached here? There isn't? Hmmmmmm. 

14/01/99 - Another New Member & a demo added
Gather round ladies and gentlemen and give a big Hughie & Ralf welcome to the one and only [HIV]HotVomit. He'll probably be our last recruitment for a while. Unless some major ninja turns up on our doorstep. 

Added a demo of the DS friendly to the files section. Arganoid insisted :) 

11/01/99 - UKCCL Div2 Season 5 about to start
We find ourselves in Div2 due to the fact that RSC split up, leaving us next in line for promotion. Its one tough division with no easy games but we're all looking forward to it. We've played a couple of friendlies, both wins against DS and SCREAM in the last few days so at least we've put recent bad form behind us. 

Its PK again tonite. We want to get some revenge for the playoff drubbing they inflicted on us. Beating them is probably asking a bit much but I'm hoping for a better performance all round from our lads. Of course I could be lying through my teeth and really expect an easy win, you never can trust anything thats posted here. 

I just updated the Results for tonites match. A loss, but a good performance. 

05/01/99 - Fakes the lot of them
Shock horror.   

Yes, its another scandalous exposé, revealed by your gracious hosts here at HIV.   

Some of the more astute readers and inhabitants of the popular Dinosaur themed IRC room known as #Quake, maybe be aware of the recent spate of name swapping currently going on.   

Well I can reveal it has escalated further than anyone could have imagined.   
I have managed to obtain the following photographic evidence from our reporter at large Tobi[otnn].   

" Having noticed rather strange and irrational behavior from certain Famous 'celebrities', I can now reveal the shocking truth behind these appearances, and the celebrates involved.   

Ever since her miraculous reappearance last week, mother Teresa has been acting rather strangely since her comeback? What with screaming at the orphans "what's your name, no what's your real name", "what you mean that's your real name, get out get out", the ordering of random shootings of beggar children, and the recent increase in cattle burnings. I have become increasingly more worried. I can now reveal that the new so-called mother Theresa is none other than Zero, cold blooded murder of pigeons, and scourge of the kariocie bar.   

Hasn't the pope been acting somewhat strangely lately, dont you think?   
What with the papal announcement, that Catholicism has all been a horrible mistake, and that the he wishes to join the orange order. Hasn't he developed a remarkable similarity to one Ian 'No Rome' Paisley. Yes I can revel that the Pope was kidnapped, by an elite orange order commando squad, and is currently been held in an unnamed farm shed in county dublin-derry.   

And what of this new world order that 'Devore' has been taking about, this strange covert source of money he seems to be able to continually call upon ?   
What of the new tyrannical oppressive rule of law that has been introduced in #quake?   
The sudden kicking and beating which have taken place?   
The strange rule that only people who's monitors are facing Mecca can enter. And what of Adra's, sudden dropping of the use of the American imperialistic '!' symbol. Oh yes some of you will remember Devore as a friendly sort of fellow, well I can now reveal Devore for what he is Devore, Prince of terror or shall I call you by your real name Osama bin Devore Laden, Prince of terror. I managed to get the following close-up photo of Devore from earlier the year, and a later one taken at Q.P, deside for yourselves.   
Devore with 'some old friend' at QP
Picture taken of Devore by Israeli Secret police, sometime in early june.
My advise is to you all is to check yourself regularly, at random intervales to ensure that you are still who you think you are... 

04/01/99 - Loadsa news
We've been doing some LPB recruitment, and we welcome [HIV]Portent to the clan. We're hoping to have 2 more LPB's in the next week or two and then we'll probably stop recruitment until after the upcoming league seasons.   

Loads of matches coming in the next few months with the UKCCL kicking off again on the 11th and the Q2CL starts on the 20th. This will be our 3rd season in the UKCCL and we hope to continue our good record in this league. This season will probably be tougher that last year and even getting into the Div3 playoffs will be difficult. Due to our lack of experienced LPB's our main aim is to survive in Div3a this season and get our LPB's some good match experience while doing it. Any players who don't get matches in the UKCCL will be playing in the Q2CL.   

We had a friendly last night on the IOL war server against a newbie UK based clan. We won, but learned little from it except that we can hammer newbie clans :). The final score from both q2dm2 and q2dm3 was about 210-50. In fairness these guys had never even practiced together so I hope they don't take any heed of the result. tMf did better on dm3. I didn't get a shot of the dm3 scores but here's dm2:   

19/12/98 - Good king hellfire
Rev Hellfire touches down in Dublin this morning, so don't say you weren't warned. Despite him updating the News to say he was leaving HIV he has still been updating the site. So he is still in HIV until I tell him he can leave.   

We got knocked out of the UK HPB Cup on Monday by KMA. We were well beaten, I joined with 10 minutes to go and could make no impression on the game at all. KMA had a nasty knack of railing us from halfway across the level. At least we can take some heart from the fact that KMA have made it to the final in both the HPB and LPB cups. I think the finals are being played tonite.   

Finished the Q2CL season on Wednesday with a win on dm8.   

14/12/98 - Err are you sure its safe ?
Little update on the members page, we've been Sloshed..... 
09/12/98 - Not quite KING of the hill :)
We played KING in the Q2CL tonite and although they beat us well, I enjoyed it. Not sure why. Results updated. 
07/12/98 - Through to the next round of the UKCCL HPB Cup
We defeated an under strength HQ2 team on q2dm5. We had our own problems with NrG dissing as the match began, never to return while Castor Troy dropped due to excessive lag. I was also lagged to hell but didn't drop out quick enough so all our subs were already used. I didn't have much fun but did a decent job of weapon & armor distribution. Mackers had a stunning game while El Barto did some excellent work on the Quad. I'm suffering a very strange form of lag in recent matches, my ping is quite good but I go into Jerkovison whenever I get in a fight. The rest of the Cup games get played next week, so hopefully we can win another one and get to the Quarter Finals at least.   
04/12/98 - Q2CL & UKCCL HPB Cup !
We played and lost our first Q2CL match on Wednesday night against a much improved Spooks Clan, and the UKCCL HPB Cup kicks of on monday when we play HQ2 in the first round. Looking forward to not having LPB's railing our asses :) 
02/12/98 - So long, thanks for the drink. 
Well Rev Hellfire has finally jacked it in as far as HIV is concerned, again. 
30/11/98 - More games and yet more leagues
HIV start their Q2CL campaign on Wednesday night at 8pm. We replace AT in Division 3.   

Also the UKCCL HPB Cup kicks off on Monday next, really looking forward to it.   

24/11/98 - Defeat in UKCCL Promotion Playoff
We played PK last night and lost by a wide margin. We hadn't time to get our proper squad out due to UKCCL admin contradictions. Witz's news post on Friday left us all waiting for the "schedule" to be posted and as this wasn't up by Monday afternoon and Vince hadn't responded to my mail requesting confirmation about the playoff we assumed the match wasn't going to be played. In the end it was played, Vince stated either the matches were played or defaulted, and it has to be said that PK weren't happy about it either. They however managed to get a very strong squad together. They had 2 LPB's out which we weren't expecting, I'd thought they had only one, plus I had to reorganize our lads which meant most of us were filling unfamiliar tactical roles. I've updated the Results section and put the demos on the files page. After such an enjoyable season this was a very disappointing end. Fair play to PK though, who would have beaten us no matter what squad we had out. They were the best clan we've ever played. I just wish we could have played the players I wanted to play in this match. It would have been closer.   

I've also put a demo from earlier in the season of us winning on Q2DM2. We were using our own skins in this demo so you should download them for the full effect :)   

Also I'd like to welcome [HIV]Arganoid to the clan. My recruitment drive continues unabated.   

Oh, and guess what, we lost another CTF match on Sunday :)   

19/11/98 - Our cup is overflowing with woes
Despite making the playoff for promotion to Division 2 of the UKCCL, it hasn't been a good week. I know for sure that we'll be without 3 first team squad members for the playoff match. One of our new recruits may get the chance to "make a name for himself". FlavorFlav is out of action for 12 weeks due to his new gaff being without ISDN till then. Rev Hellfire is currently in Austin, Texas atm while Thors modem is acting the tit. On top of all this NrG's modem keeps dissing him every couple of minutes. And when we thought things couldn't get any worse, the damn battleground server we use for practice went and died on us. Is there really a god?   

When the dust settles after the match I'll post the demos. The game will be played over two levels, each clan picking a level on the night. Despite all the above we're looking forward to it.   

17/11/98 - Archived Old News - Opps forgot CTF match :)
News page was way slow so I dumped the old stuff into a second archive, get it at the bottom of this page. Also got rid of the q2News button at the top and replaced it with the Quake.IE one.   

We played our second CTF match in the IQ2CTFL on sunday and guess what? ehh? Bet you can't guess who won? Well it wasn't shagging us. I'll update the results section when someone around here takes an interest in CTF.   

16/11/98 - Final UKCCL result & New Members
Had our final UKCCL match tonight, a victory over clan SG. See the results section for details. Thats us 6-1 for the season and into the playoff for promotion to Division 2 :).   

I'd also like to welcome the latest HIV converts, [HIV]Slosh and [HIV]Kegser. Slosh has stated that he now prefers Q2 to Q1 and that everyone who plays Q1 is a shitehawk (errm, ok I made that up) and Kegser spends most of his time on q2war1 calling everyone a shitehawk (that bit is true).   

9/11/98 - UKCCL Defeat for HIV :(
We finally lost in the UKCCL. We went down bravely to EED by 61 - 51. I'll update the results section soon. 
2/11/98 - Five out of Five in UKCCL
We won our fifth in a row in div3a tonite. It was quite scary at times and was our toughest test to date. I've updated the results for the UKCCL. 
1/11/98 - First CTF clan match !
The Irish Quake 2 CTF League started this evening and we lost our opening match to DzR. Results have been updated a wee bit. 
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