IQ2CTFL Results
01-11-98 DzR 6 - 4 HIV
15-11-98 ScreaM 8 - 1 HIV
22-11-98 HIV 8 - 0 DALI
29-11-98 HIV 8 - 0 SKP2
06-12-98 HIV   -   EM
RCTF3: Fort Capture
We surprised ourselves here. Most of us hadn't played CTF in ages and we really made DzR work for this. I'm not sure about these new maps though. Its a pain in the arse actually and the server was lagged a bit too much for my liking. Our defense was poor, which was my fault as I was supposed to be running it but I hadn't even gotten around to binding important messages like "Base Secure". We'll have to sort out a new CTF honcho if NrG's PC isn't sorted by early next week. 
Q2CTF5: Final Showdown
Another CTF defeat, ahh well sure its only a game. We didn't have our strongest team out due to one reason or another, so apart from being well pissed off with this, I didn't mind too much. 
Q2CTF3: The Smelter
Terrible lag and no fun. Just about covers this match. Kegser played well again for us while Scream were just better organized and more up for it than we were. Well played Scream. 
DALI - No Show, Default Win
SPK2 - No Show, Default Win

Unfortunately this league just slowly stopped and died, too many no shows and not enough interest, the CTF servers dying didn't help either. We were more interested in the UKCCL and concentrating on promotion from Div3a so we really didn't bother with tactics. At least we gave DzR a game. Pity the league was never finished though.