Match Report - 31/5/98

HIV 90
AA  44

This was supposed to be a 4v4 with the Anarchy Angels, a New York based clan, but only 3 AA's turned up, so we kicked off a 3v3. We were continually interupted by players jumping in, and I spent quite some time telling them to leave.

1st Level - q2dm1, The Edge

Was close at the beginning, but we started to pull out a decent lead after 12 mins or so. At this point, one of the AA players complained of (ahem) hardware problems, and exited the game. He had 0 frags when he left. I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. Thor just pipped Nrg for the level.

Total Score: HIV 49 - 23 AA

2nd Level - q2dm2, Tokay's Towers

With AA down to 2 players, they never really had a chance here. Even so, Nazi-Soup put up a good show. NrG as usual, played well.

Total Score: HIV 41 - 21 AA

3rd Level - q2dm5, The Pits

We abandoned the match after about 3 mins when yet more unwelcome players entered, and this time, they would not leave.