Match Report - 12/7/98

HIV             25
CN              42

Arranged as a 4v4 with Clan Nightmare [CN], we ended up playing a one level 3v3, due to problems the CN chaps had when trying to connect to the war server.

q2dm7, The Slimey Place

Ah well, don't know what happened to NrG at the beginning of this, but at one stage I had 7, and he had only 2 frags. Poor auld Boba couldn't get into the game at all, and ended up disconnecting with a score of -1. The lag was also bad, but it was the same for all of us, so it didn't really effect the result. CN are a good solid clan, but in a 4v4, with 4 of our top 6 members playing, I'd say we'd have beaten them.

Total Score: HIV 25 - 42 CN