Match Report - 14/6/98

HIV             203
SCREAM    150

This was supposed to be a 4v4 with the SCREAM, but poor old Janey Mackers couldn't get connected to the net, so only got to play the last level. A big thanks to IOL (Ireland Off Line).  We played the first two levels 4v3. This was our first proper match on the new battleground mod server, and it worked a treat. I think this was the SCREAMS first clan match, and to be fair, this isn't a bad result for their first time out. They did however keep switching their players around in between levels, which probably added to their problems. Spoonman was a spectator for most of the match, and recorded some demos. These are worth a look, and u can find them here, on the q2 news site.

1st Level - q2dm1, The Edge

Well now, I really didn't think we would win this one, as we had the disadvantage of having a girlie missing, but we really gave them a right doing, all things considering. We never really were in trouble . There must have been a sense of deja vu for poor old nutter and NrG manged to get 31 frags, which evened his own personal match best.

Total Score: HIV 67 - 41 SCREAM

2nd Level - q2dm5, The Pits

Janey Mackers showed up, but couldn't join in until the end of the level, and I got fragged a few times trying to get her in. This was a very exciting level, with SCREAM taking a small lead, and holding it till near the end, put we just managed to pull a few frags out of the bag at the end, and shaded it. SCREAM made better use of their numerical advantage here, and I was a tad disappointed in our own teamplay, which was nowhere near as together as on the Edge. Rev Hellfire played well, and took his first level win in a match.

Total Score: HIV 38 - 35 SCREAM

3rd Level - q2dm7, The Slimey Place

At last, Janey Mackers could join in, so I expected a large win on this level, but Janey found it hard to get into the game. Rev Hellfire didn't, and set a new HIV record of frags in a match, well done the Reverend. In a post match interview with the man himself, his only comments were "NO, NO NO NO NO NO".

Total Score: HIV 98 - 74 SCREAM