Season 4 UKCCL Results
Season Table
1  EED  7 7 0 0 640 184 456 210
2  HIV 7 6 1 0 561 264  297 180
3  TJD 7 4 3 0 425 405 20 120
4  CEN 7 3 4 0 463 422 41 90
5  TSC 7 3 4 0 342 341 1 90
6  SG 7 3 4 0 339 405 -66  90
7 SPK 7 2 5 0 187 532 -345 60
8  SWAT 7 0 7 0 179 583 -404 0
05-10-98 HIV 104 - 32 TSC
19-10-98 HIV 87 - 43  SWAT
26-10-98 HIV 90 - 47 TJD
02-11-98 HIV 64 - 35 CEN
09-11-98 EED 61 - 51  HIV
16-11-98 HIV 57 - 38  SG
A damn good start to season 4. I think we took TSC by surprise, as they didn't know anything about us according to their web site. We hit em hard right from the word go. Our tactics worked perfectly and Castor Troy had a magnificent game, 25 frags, 0 deaths, 100% efficiency. Well played TSC who fought to the end.  
Another fine win, this time on my least favorite match level, q2dm8. The Spooks lads were more lagged than us, played the first 5mins or so with only 3 players, and we had an LPB in Flav, so they were always up against it. I was very lagged, averaging about 450ms, but all the lads were doing their jobs so I managed to play through the lag. 10mins in and I hadn't been fragged, I had a number of RL's, so I thought I'd let the lads know I had spare weapons, but dopey me hit the wrong key, rocket jumped, and blew the shit out of myself, lol. I even managed to throw an RL to one of the Spooks lads at one point, and he even thanked me for it :). Despite the hammering, Spooks were good sports. Bring on SWAT. 
Tinet let me down real bad here. It dropped me as I left IRC to join the match, and then wouldn't let me connect. I had to use my indigo account t play and it wasn't near as good a connection as I normally get. When I did get in the match had started. Our tactics didn't seem to be working correctly, and it was neck and neck for most of the first half of the match. Eventually we got our act together and pulled away for a good win, but it was way too close for comfort for my liking. SWAT played well, despite a number of disconnection's. They've got some good players and they worked well as a team. You may notice that the Admin thought we were clan sg. The UKCCL staff were a bit all over the place due to servers crashing all over the shop. I do like the new battleground mod scores screen though. SWAT had some guy called Spoonman playing for them? 
NrG, Janey Mackers and Rev Hellfire were unavailable, so El Barto got his first start of the season, and played a blinder. We started of well, rushing into a 9-0 lead, but we lost it a bit, and it got close for a while. Flav took over the Quad and from then on we moved ahead and were never in trouble. 
I got off to a woeful start here, I was at -2 after 1 minute. Complete and utter lava diving effort. I seemed to be attracted to the stuff diving in an unequaled 7 (seven) times. At the 10 minute mark the score was CEN 15 - 20 HIV. Very low scoring and way too close for the good of my health. However, at around this point we got our act together, and managed to pull away from CEN. FlavorFlav played a blinder while Mackers suffered from CEN's tactics. They moved around the map in a group, so sometimes we had 3 of em coming at one of us. In the end we had a comfortable enough win but this sort of performance from me won't cut the mustard against EED next week. 
This was always going to be tough. We knew quite a bit about EED and we expected to be facing 2 LPB's, we knew even their HPB's would have a ping advantage on us and as this match was for the leadership of the division, both clans were well up for it. We had a terrible start, EED took control and raced into a 10 to -2 lead after only a minute. However, we hit back and after 6 minutes had clawed our way back to 23 - 17 down. I had gained control of the RL but had little health and no armor. Me and Slim were in contention for this area and he nailed me and I couldn't get it back. With 10 minutes left, EED had full control of the RL and Quad and had a 42 - 20 lead. Things were looking bleak but then the gods of the net smiled on us and Slim got dissed. I took back the RL and we slowly clawed our way back. Slim rejoined with about 3 minutes left with the score at 55 - 47, only 7 frags in it. But we just couldn't do enough, EED got the final Quad and made the game safe. We now look as if we'll be in the playoff's for promotion to Division 2 and with the news that we are soon to have another LPB we look forward to meeting EED again soon. Well played EED and well played HIV :) 
This was our last game, and we were under no pressure as we were already in the playoffs. However, we wanted to finish in style and that we did despite a spirited performance by SG who were fighting relegation. I played rather well, 73% being much better than my last few games, so I'm happy. And when I'm happy the clan is happy. Happy clan. I'm off now to raid the fridge for a celebratory few tinnies. Oh, this match also seen the return of NrG. Our ace player is back and ready for action. We are happy about this :).  

On a side note this game was played on the PCGW and our Irish lads had brutal connections. I had to reduce my rate to 2400 to get something akin to a smooth game. But hey, we won, so we're happy. 

Promotion Playoff 
HIV 35 - 142 PK
The word hammered springs to mind for some reason. We have no real complaints about this, PK just outclassed us, individually, as a team and ping wise. They never let us get a foothold on either level. Definitely the best clan we've ever played and I'll be surprised if they don't make Division 1 next season. Demos of this are available in our files section.