Season 6 UKCCL Results
Season Table
Top 2 get promoted (sorta), bottom 3 get relegated
1 KMA 7 7 0 0 587 223 364 180
2 DOS 7 6 1 0 714 350 364 180
3 PB 7 5 2 0 519 271 248 150
4 HIV 7 4 3 0 466 458 8 120
5 UKF 7 3 4 0 337 597 -260  90
6 N3D 7 1 6 0 281 486 -205  30
7 FLC 7 1 6 0 212 451 -239  30
8 MN 7 1 6 0 312 657 -345  30
10-05-99 HIV 68 - 16 UKF
07-06-99 PB 79 - 44 HIV
21-06-99 HIV 50 - 0
19-07-99 DOS 160 - 40 HIV
02-08-99 HIV 141 - 27 MN
We took on UKF who had beaten us in the final game last season determined to give them a hiding. They only could field 3 players, and against us on one of our better levels they did indeed get a hiding. JaneyMackers had a stunning game, 24 kills, 0 deaths before getting dissed near the end. UKF were good sports but I think one of their players hadn't got the skins which really didn't help them at all. Its a good start to what is going to be a tough season. 
A good game which I wasn't around for, Janey played well despite having 3 or 4 overflows. Next match is a biggy against PB. 
q2dm2 with only 3 players against a very good PB team. We didn't do too bad considering but its the first time we've ever had to play a league match with only 3 players. So new recruits are being taken in. 


A no show by N3D, only 2 of their lads turned up so we were awarded a 50-0 win. Disappointing really as we'd worked hard at this level. 



Hmmm, no LPB's v KMA, one of the better clans in the UK. What fun. Well, actually it was, after realising as we were about to join the server that we had no LPB's we didn't really sort ourselves out properly, KMA started the match flying and hammered us for the first 10mins or so, we then got our act together and gave them a decent match for the rest of the game. All in all not too bad. Janey had another disaster on dm3. Its just not his lucky level recently.


I think the term "disaster" was made for this game, or was this game made for the word. Just imagine playing with a sludge bucket as a mouse mat to gain the full lag effect here. Castor dissing for the best part of half the match didn't help, nor the fact that Janey play only 3 or 4 mins of the game with all sorts of problems. DOS were class, and took full advantage and basically raped us. This is our worst ever defeat, we did better against FED, and FED had 3 LPB's against our one. Dear oh dear.



Well we finally got our act together and got our best team out. I'd say this is probably the strongest UKCCL side we've ever put out. [HIV]Kegser overflowed just at the end with 25 kills, 7 deaths and a nice 78% efficiency rating. We gained control of the Red Armor from the off and it was downhill all the way for MN. After our last 2 UKCCL games this was a welcome return to form. This was also the first UKCCL that we've fielded 2 LPB's for. We've now got to go for promotion next season, as this mid table effort isn't good enough, no siree.