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CulchieQuake II, Curse of the Clare perverts

CulchieQuake is a team TC for Quake 2, with one team taking the part of the sheep and the second team as the their natural enemies Clare men. The objectives of the game are simple, the sheep have to stay alive and unmolested for 20 minutes (server set), when all but one sheep have been claimed, it becomes Pysco-Sheep, Avenger of sheepkind.

CulchieQuake classes

Standard sheep.

Armed only with a blet attack, superior speed, and their natural fluffiness to protect them.

Pysco-Sheep, Avenger of sheepkind.

When all but one sheep have been killed, it becomes the Pysco-sheep, with double the speed, and fluffiness. As well as laser beam eyes.

Culchie Clare man

A standard inbred, back stabbing, wife beating, sheep loving, camel humping, Clare cretin. Armed with its natural foul breath, and general lack of personal hygine, it can use it stink-attack, strong enough to make a knacker gag. Not forgetting their animal cunning, a force not to taken lightly.


Screen shots

Sheep patrol, safety in numbers

A lone sheep meets its taker.

The avenger makes its stand



The badge shop.

Be the envy of your friends.