Archived News 20/06/99 - 23/10/99

23/10/99 - Off to Canada for a week

And I'll be out of contact for a few of those days so you can contact [HIV]CastorTroy ([email protected]) for all clan business.

22/10/99 - Opps, time for an update

Our first match of the new UKCCL season against PB was a bit of a disaster, mostly due to tactical fuckups on our side, partly due to our players overflowing like mad. At one point it was 4v1. PB had only 1 overflow, plus we kindly gave them the quad damage for the entire game. Its a poor start but we can play better, which we'll need to do when we play HOOD next week.

We also played our third CTF Academy match v DF and we didn't get totally destroyed, managed to keep them in single figures and we even got a cap !



12/10/99 - UKCCL Promotion playoff - Division 2 here we come (again)

The playoff for the last division 2 slot was tonite, we played ANM and we won :)


We sorta had a mess up on dm2 due to Castor deciding to defrag his HD while he camped the Red Armor lift. ANM had no LPB's and played very well indeedy.

10/10/99 - Our first ever non-defeat in CTF

We played the spam-tastic AFC on q2ctf1 this evening in the Savage Academy. First game we did very poorly, leaving the quad open too much and not keeping a tight defense. We actually were a man down in the second game, and we were 3-1 up with 3 or so mins to go, and yet again, we let in a few silly caps at the end, but we drew 3-3 :)

Our first ever CTF non-defeat !


10/10/99 - Season 3 UKCCL Demos

Two demos from season 3 of the UKCCL have been added to the files section, including our first ever UKCCL match. Most of the players in these demos are, surprisingly, still in the clan and still playing, and JaneyMackers is still pushing his own players into the lava :)

08/10/99 - Champions !

I just sort of realized we won the UKQCL Division 2 Title last weekend, and its actually the first thing we've ever won as a clan. Plenty of promotions etc but we never actually won our divisions :)

Even better news for us is we have a playoff match in the UKCCL for the final remaining spot in Division 2. We play ANM on Monday nite at 8pm over 2 levels. This should be a good game, and with our much improved squad we have a good chance of getting back to Division 2 and managing to be competitive if we get there. So fingers crossed.

04/10/99 - Promotion in UKQCL & CTF Back in business :)

First match in the Savage Academy for CTF on LFCTF1, we lost 6-3 and 7-4 to PS, who had a player less than us. First game we went 4-0 down, then we sorted got to know the map and fought back. In the second game we actually had a 4-2 lead at one point, but our defense seemed to go to pieces and we let in a bag full of caps near the end. PS are one of the better clans in the academy so it was a good performance in our first CTF effort for a very long time. The demos are posted on the Academy messageboard.

More importantly, we won the UKQCL division 2 finals, meaning we're up into division 1 next season :) No details only that we won it by around 50 frags. I hope a demo gets posted on the UKQCL site as Akira forgot to record one.

On the subject of Akira, he has suffered a JaneyMackers style personality disorder, and has changed his name to [HIV]Ic0n. Supreme has also joined us on trial after good performances in our midweek training sessions with DS. And former DzR fragmaster, Junkie, has joined us for some action as DzR have left the Q2 scene.

28/09/99 - Its gone very quiet hasn't it

Well it has, mainly due to every league we were in coming to a close. We're waiting for the GICL cup, the UKQCL playoffs and the UKCCL Season 7 to kick off. We've also got accepted into the Savage Academy for CTF, so we'll be getting to grips with the infamous sticky rope over the next few weeks.

QP2 is almost upon us, this time the bar is in the same room as the LAN, much better than last year when it was in the next room :)

15/09/99 - Pants

Looks like we're right back to where we were last season in the PB match. It was the 2nd round of the UK HPB Cup and only 3 HPB's showed for the match, so against a very good YD clan, we expected to take a beating. We didn't, we played damn well considering we were a man down for the entire games. Firstly on dm2, we played what has to go down as the best performance ever by HIV. We should really have won by more, but no matter, a fine win all the same. We had hoped someone would show before we had to play dm3, but no such luck, we managed to keep it close for the first 10mins but it was just too difficult to cover the quad here with us constantly outnumbered. Well played to YD for nice use of the extra man, they did a very good job on dm3.

I really really really hate losing matches like this due to players not showing. Especially in a competition where we've proved last season to be one of the best clans in it.

12/09/99 - Final UKQCL match of the season

And we won it, just. DOS didn't show for this one, but had already qualified for the playoffs. We needed to finish 1st or 2nd today and we were second to YD for most of the game, but in the last 5mins we gaining total control of the RL/Red Armor/Power Shield area and I had got into my stride on Quad, taking all the quad respawns and running them back through the power shield/RL area.

11/09/99 - GICL season ends

And we finished off with a good win over POTZW. We also gave Reaper his first game and he did extremely well considering it was his first ever DM match. Whenever all the other results come in we'll know what position we finished in. The GICL Cup should be starting next weekend.


10/09/99 - Schedule for weekend

Saturday 11/09/99, GICL, TIME 6:00pm v POTZ

Sunday 12/09/99, UKQCL, TIME 16:30pm on SandStone Crypt (

Wednesday 15/09/99, UKCCL HPB Cup - MAP: dm2 & dm3, TIME 7:30pm v YD

06/09/99 - Out of the LPB Cup

LE knocked us out by a combined score of 160-120, winning both levels. LE showed great teamwork and our inexperienced LPB squad couldn't match them. Its still more matches in the bag for them, and next season in the league we should never be forced to play LPB'less like last season. Practice practice practice :)

The IQ2 Mini League was a good laugh on Sunday night, DF running out winners in the end, all 4 clans had 2 hours of solid teamgames which is exactly what we wanted. Lots of fun plus no egos. Will run some more of these in the near future.

The Season 5 HPB Cup semi final demos have been uploaded to the files section.

02/09/99 - Schedule for weekend

Saturday 03/09/99, Q2BattleUK League, TIME 9:00pm v SS (We've tried to prospone this, no response from Admins)

Sunday 04/09/99, IQ2CL, TIME 8:00pm - A 4 clan mini league, we'll have 3 matches to play, one after another, should be fun.

Monday 05/09/99, UKCCL LPB Cup - MAP: dm5 & dm8, TIME 9:30pm v LE


The UNR v HIV friendly demo has been uploaded in the files section.

30/08/99 - And so the HPB Cup begins again

And we get off to a flyer. We knew X were good individual players, but they hadn't played together as a team much as far as I could dig up. So I was quite confident of a good win. They gave us a good game on DM2 but we were never in trouble on DM5 which was a tad laggy for both sides, but then us Irish are well used to that



Blade did a very neat job on DM2 while ThundaHart jumped in for a madly dissing Kegser on DM5 and had a very good performance indeed. Roll on Round 2.

We've also recruited a new member, Reaper joins us as our final LPB.

29/08/99 - Poor performance in UKQCL

We were poor today in the UKQCL, managing only 3rd behind YD and Rv. Our worst performance in this league so far. It also means are chances for the promotion playoffs are a bit dicey now.

27/08/99 - Upcoming Matches

Sunday 29/08/99, UKQCL - MAP: Temple Walk, TIME 3:00pm v CGS v RV v YD

Monday 30/08/99, UKCCL HPB Cup - MAP: dm2 & dm5, TIME 8:30pm v X

I've started uploading some demos, check out the files section for details.

24/08/99 - We've moved

Seeing as we had no disk space left and were getting to response from about extra, I've moved tne site back across the water to dear old mother Ireland. The site probably won't load as fast, but don't worry about it, its just the pace of life over here. A big thanks to Eddie Rocket and all the lads at for getting this setup so quick for us.

Now to start uploading some of those demos I've got filling up my hard drive.

23/08/99 - UK LPB Cup

First round of the LPB cup against PHX. Ho hum, they had 3 HPB's and we had 4 LPB's. We had trouble finding them on dm5, but no such trouble on dm3. Dm5 was a 80 to 7 victory (i think) while dm3 was, well, heres the screenshot.

22/08/99 - HIV win in UKQCL

Yup, a very fine performance from Akira, who just railed the other clans arses off. 120 frags in 30mins isn't bad, is it :)

21/08//99 - HIV new recruit, and some wins, and that UNR friendly

Another LPB joins the ranks, welcome to [HIV]Elastic.

We had a very good win in the GICL today v ADS, we were pretty much all over them on dm1 but we sort of messed up dm8 until the last 5mins or so when we pulled out a decent lead.

We also had a friendly v UNR on wednesday nite, we played not too bad at all. Infortunately my demo was corrupt.

15/08/99 - Lost in Sewer64

Of Course thats lost as in didn't know where the hell we were :). A very good UKQCL game with ourselves and Rv again swaping for second place almost continually. With 3 played and 1 first and 2 second spots behind us we're going well in this league. If anyone has ever played the Strogg Sewers map you'll understand the low scores.

14/08/99 - And later, after the police had left ...

We had our first Q2BattleUK match today, a default win over DzR. Pity, we'd love to have played them on a UK server. We had a friendly match against the "Admin AllStars" on dm1 and errrm, we won 221-50.

Then we had our GICL match against HB.UK, pretty new clan this I think and they only had 3 players for most of the too levels, which we dominated, winning on dm1 by 109-6, and on dm2 by 125-16. [HIV]Blade played well in both and is looking strong for a place in the HPB cup team.

14/08/99 - Still alive and well

Long time without an update, lets see whats happened, El Barto has decided to take a break from Q2 for a while. El's been with us for over a year, so hopefully he'll come back at some stage in the future, possibly for Q3. We've also recruited a few new members, [HIV]Blade (HPB) and [HIV]Maverick (LPB).

We lost in the GICL to EVIL, didn't play too bad considering Talos didn't have the tactics as I forgot to mail them to him :)

In the UKQCL, we came a very close second to Rv, it was close all through with the lead changing hands numerous times. Excellent match.

Losts of friendly games played, tbh we're playing 2 or 3 friendlies a week at this stage so I'm not going to bother reporting them all anymore. We're also registered for the UK HPB Cup and the UK LPB Cup, these should be starting in a week or two. The Q2 UK Battle league also kicks off today, although I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be getting a default win.

Oh and I'm now writing for, got me own column and everything. Pop over to and check it out. Theres alot of new stuff being sorted here, with test Q2 Ladders up and running at the moment and lots more fun stuff in the pipeline.


02/08/99 - UKCCL Season 6 comes to a close

An excellent final performance this evening on KTDM2, the map we all hate :)

[HIV]Kegser overflowed just at the end with 25 kills, 7 deaths and a nice 78% efficiency rating. We gained control of the Red Armor from the off and it was downhill all the way for MN. After our last 2 UKCCL games this was a welcome return to form. You can download the demo from my Auto Cam, enjoy.

Overall though it was a pretty poor season for us, we had got away with having only 1 or no LPB's until now, but at this stage with the number and quality of LPB's about we had little chance against the top clans in our division. Next season we hope to do much better, with a good few new recruits being lined up.

On Sunday we had probably our best ever result on dm1, beating HOOD. This was on our own server so we did have an advantage, as one of their HPB's had conn problems. We then played them on dm4 on their server and lost 70-50 I think.

Sunday nite was practice the shite out of KTDM2, and we played SS 4 or 5 times on it, SS won them all well but we learned loads.
01/08/99 - Loads

Lets see, DOS beat us in the GICL over a week ago, then we won and lost one to ALC in yesterdays GICL. Heres the ALC shots, we played "tits" on dm8 :)

In friendlies we played FED again (lost) and beat NSK. I know theres more I just can't remember. Too busy by half.

23/07/99 - HIV friendly v YD
After the crap result in the UKCCL, a nice win with one of our new recruits leading the way. We're looking to build up the squad with 1 or 2 more members for season 7 of the UKCCL and to mount a strong challenge for promotion. Friendly section updated, honest. Has anyone noticed the current spate of unprovoked owl attacks, or is it just me?
19/07/99 - UKQCL Demo from Akira's POV & Another Diss happy disaster of a UKCCL martch

For those of you who don't know what the UKQCL is, its 4 clans per match, over custom maps, 30mins per game, Weapon stay on, BFG off. You have to watch this demo. This is easily the best HIV demo I've seen for all out action. You'll need the arma5 map (Armageddom 5) plus the UKQCL skins. Then grab this demo from Akira's POV. Enjoy :)

Dunno whats going on in the UKCCL with us, we had to play most of the game without Castor as his ISDN kept dissing him. Janey and all sorts of problems too, which all in all left me and Kegser, and then El when he subbed, well up against it. It was one of those "please pinch me and I'll wake up" sort of games. Needless to say we lost heavily.

18/07/99 - Most fun match ever in the UKQCL

Good god the UKQCL is fun :) We won our first match in tremendous form, despite both myself and kegs overflowing like the shepards cup. I hope to get Akira or Castor to drop me a demo, if they remembered to take one.

The individual scores were, [HIV]Akira : 70, [HIV]CastorTroy : 69, [HIV]Butcher : 54 and [HIV]Kegser: 37. Kegser wasn't too well up on the map I think, the rest of us had a pretty good idea of it. So off to a winning start, can we gain promotion?

A slighty different result happened in the GICL on saturday afternoon, with PK Lots : Little HIV being the final score. It was fun though and with the number of leagues we're in now we can give everyone in the clan compeditive games.

17/07/99 - HIV friendlies against SS and HOOD

SS match was our first effort on TRDM06, valuable lessons were learnt.

The HOOD game gave us the chance to give Akira his first match for us, and he played rather well. After the 2 levels the score was 157-157. Can't get closer that that, can you. I've updated the friendly section with both results and reports.

14/07/99 - Leagues, Leagues and LPB's

Just recruited the rather handy Akira, another LPB in the fold, so now we've 3 and we can sell off Castor for some old shoes or something.

And now we find ourselves dropped right into 2 new leagues ! Firstly the Global Internet Clan League (GICL) which kicks off on Saturday evening with us facing PK again. WE can't wait, honest, I wouldn't lie.

But the best one is the UK Quad Clan League (UKQCL), 4 clans in a match over large custom maps with weapon stay on, should be a complete hoot. We've replaced MIN in division 2 and kick off on sunday afternoon with a match against CGS, KND and CWF.

11/07/99 - OK OK OK so I got upset :)

But I'm fine now, honest, I've took my pills and my therapy's going great. Apart from all that, FaceDancer had told us a week ago he was leaving, SS made him an offer and he jumped for it. Good luck in Div1 face. We've also gained a new member in Talos. An LPB no less *gasp*.

06/07/99 - Is there a point?

Just pondering the sense of our continued presence in the UK leagues. Why are we arsed to bother playing on high pings and always at a disadvantage in LPB's? Why at all. Why bother with 5 or 6 prolonged PJOD's in every match? Waste of fucking time and money is it not? And then theres the all too frequent question:

<[HIV]Mackers>What do actually have to do to get a good lpb who is not an asshole or ringer or really crap :)

<[HIV]Butcher> lol prob oral sex

<[HIV]Mackers>hahah Probaly we'll get Kegser to do it:)

<[HIV]Butcher> :)

<[HIV]Mackers>Mind with Castor being Famous and all :))

As you may have guessed by the tone we got fucking railed to death tonite by KMA in the UKCCL. Sad really, we'd trained hard on dm3 and had it off to a tee, but we've only 1 LPB, whom we sort of have to build our tactics around, and unfortunately he couldn't play tonite (no fault of his like) so before the match even started, we're fucked. 4 HPB's can't defeat a clan as good as KMA. Forget it, bye bye, thanks for all the slugs. Perhaps we could just stay down in the 4th or 5th divisions, beating the shite out of lower clans and feel content? No, not likely. We'd actually still be in Div2 if it wasn't for our wonderfull ISP's deciding that it would be a grand idea to route ALL traffic to the states through the UK for a few months, thus leaving most of our players sitting in IRC with 1000ms pings. Ocne we got relagated, the lovely folk in charge decided to adopt a more sensible routing policy. Great, thanks lads. And things are going to get worse. Yes, the UK will have low cost high speed net access at least a year ahead of us. So we'll probably have to bow out of the most fun league about. Such is life.

This is the Butcher Of Nog (slightly miffed, and not exactly sober)

Signing off.

02/07/99 - Yup so I updated the friendly results and umm, AfroGrooveKing returns !

Mad game against spooks last nite, we lost on dm1 by 104-64 then won on dm3 109-67, a 173-171 win for us.

Updated the friendly results section, and started messing with Macromedia Flash 4. Very nice indeedy, the bit of shockwave on the intro page is just the beginning, oh yes.

01/07/99 - Loads of stuff, but no time to tell yas

Busy busy busy, we've played Spooks twice & FED once in friendlies since I last updated, each time the opposition had 3 LPB's out and we lost (not surprisingly). It was good practice though. Don't have time to update results :)

21/06/99 - UKCCL v N3D

Bah, only 2 showed up so we got a default win. Leaves us still in contention for promotion but its any 2 of 4 clans for the promotion slots at this stage. Div3a is not like it was the last time we ripped through it.

20/06/99 - Some changes to the site

I've started using Macromedia Dreamweaver for a start, will take a wee while to get used to after using plain old composer for so long. Bout time I started using CSS :)

I've also Updated the UK results section with the Season 5 cup run (demos to follow soon) and archived the old news.


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